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Machinery Moving Services

Carson Machinery Movers are dedicated to moving all industrial heavy machinery ofr our clients, but we also provide additional services to help ensure that your move is efficient.  Whether you are relocating a single piece of equipment or a turn-key facility, we use state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated customer attention to help ensure that your move is a success.

Each of our clients and their moving projects is given specialized attention to their move, whether a single piece of machinery or dozens. We understand that the security of your machinery is absolutely necessary and that we will take all measures to ensure their safety.  Each piece of equipment is treated with care and respect, and your move is guaranteed to be done in a timely manner.

Laboratory Equipment Moving

Care and personalized attention to each piece of equipment we move has made us one of the most sought after movers of delicate medical and scientific laboratory equipment in Southern California.

The safety and security of your equipment is a priority, for that reason we are known as one of the most reliable machinery movers for medical and scientific laboratory apparatuses.  Specialized care and attention is taken to all equipment, especially sensitive, to ensure that in transit they are not harmed and remain in the same condition as they were prior to a move.

Long Haul Transportation

No matter where your equipment will be relocated, locally or across the country, our riggers are dedicated to making your move quick and easy, with minimal downtime.  Long haul transportation is available for our clients who would like the security of knowing their equipment will be protected on a long drive in California or across the U.S.

Whether you are moving a single piece of machinery or a turn-key facility, long haul transportations are carefully planned and scheduled so that your downtime is minimal.  We still take all precautionary measures for these moves, and safeguard the security of all your machinery, whether you are traveling across the state or across the country.

Machine Assembly/Disassembly

 We also seek to make moving as easy for our clients as possible, that’s why we have specialized professionals on staff to help assemble and disassemble your machinery before and after transportation.

Machine assembly and disassembly is often left to a separate contractor with other moving companies. But, here at Carson Machinery Movers we have professionals on-hand to take apart your machinery before a move, and rebuild it at your new location. This not only saves you the time of having to schedule another contractor, but saves you the money of having to hire one

Custom Crating and Packaging

The Carson Machinery moving professionals all understand that precautionary measures should be taken in any relocation. For that reason we provide additional crating and packaging services to help ensure a safe and intact move of your equipment, whether locally or across the country.

Transporting your equipment can often cause damage to your machinery should the proper precautions not be taken. For that reason each member of our staff can offer proper packaging and crating of your equipment, so that safe transport is always a priority.  They can even package your items so that shock and moisture damage are not a concern, and using our state-of-the-art equipment we can move your equipment safely.

Turn-Key Facility Relocation

Moving an entire turn-key facility requires a reliable relocation plan and a team that is well-managed. Our professionals can oversee and create a timeline for completion of a turn-key project, and ensure that your move is conducted efficiently and quickly, without sacrificing the security of your equipment.

Our professionals strive to make relocating your turn-key facility simple. For that reason we can manage and oversee a plan of transport for all clients, and offer our additional moving services to help ensure that your move is done quickly and successfully, whether you are moving across Carson or across the country.

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